Crystalline Water has been in business since 2007 and have now become one of the largest water filtration companies in South Florida. Our main goal is to provide better quality and better tasting water for less money. It is our quest, and our desire, that by supplying a healthier alternative for our neighbors, we will also build value for you the customer, and your employees.

As people become more educated on "GOING GREEN", along with the issues of bottled water, technology will soon render the 5 gallon jugs obsolete. With this new type of technology, it is similar to comparing a typewriter to a computer. Just like the typewriter, the 5 gallon bottle water cooler will soon be considered antiquated equipment; over 65% of Americans are now taking steps to change the ways in which they get their water.

Here at Crystalline Water we want to earn your business. We guarantee that we will provide the maintenance and service for the life of the agreement. If at any time you ever experience a problem with the cooler, we will have our technician out to your business within 24 hours to fix it, or provide you with a new unit, free of charge. You will never be without water. That is our promise to you.